2018 Performer Profiles and Schedule have been posted!

Introducing the 2018 Classic City Fringe Festival Performers! Get your ALL ACCESS PASSES now because we have an amazing selection of fringe performers gathering here in Athens GA next weekend (Oct 18-21), some coming from halfway around the globe! Below is a list based on category of performance, click on the names to view the artist’s CCFF Performer Profiles where you will find more information about each performer and their showcases. With each profile we’ve also included social and website links which can be used to learn about, follow, or reach out to these artists.

You can also now view the whole 2018 CCFF Schedule page for a complete listing of all the shows listed by day and time!

Theatre Showcases
* Phantasmagoria
* RedSand Theatre “A Beautiful Day Forever
* Charlie Cromer “Forever Dead”
* Athens Playwright’s Workshop “Tracks”

Spoken Word Showcases
* Mike & Dee “Slamming With Abandon!”
* Sarah Beth Nelson “Heroines”
* Deb Fromm “#WafflingSouthernStyle”

Music Showcases
* Polly Panic
* Smoggo “Physics Of Bass”
* Strange Torpedo
* David Court “One Man Band”
* Tim Holehouse / Raeppen
* In Sonitus Lux
* Liam Parke w/True Born Sons, Natalie Cladd
* Mr Blank
* Jonathan Sutton

Circus Arts Showcases
* Eric Christiansen
* Thunder Dreamers “You Can’t Play Here”
* Sandy Dentures

Film Showcases
* Thomas Bauer “Athens GA: Over/Under”