7 Questions: RJ Grady aka “Kilted Creature”

We sent all the performers of the 2016 Classic City Fringe Festival the same 7 Questions. We wanted a deeper look into who they are, their goals, what inspires them, and what all lead them to performing at this years festival. Here’s what RJ Grady aka the “Kilted Creature” had to say:

7 Questions: RJ Grady aka the “Kilted Creature”2016performer_kiltedcreature

Q: Why do you identify as a “fringe” artist?

A: I don’t play as a “typical” musician, and my tunes are very eclectic and not performed on “typical” instruments as a whole~ You don’t see or hear “Electric Bagpipes” run thru a wah peddle every day!

Q: What big goal do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

A: Stay alive and keep rockin’!!

Q: How do events like the Fringe Festival help you as a fringe artist/performer?

A: Meet new great folks, have fun and rock the show!!

Q: How is an event like the Fringe Festival good for the community?

A: It brings folks together all on a level playing field purely for enjoyment.

Q: What Inspires you?

A: As “The Kilted Creature” I would have to say first inspiration is the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” Classic Horror movie trilogy by Universal Studios~ Second inspiration is Led Zeppelin!~

Q: What lead you to choose to perform the piece you will be doing?

A: Relative to the shenanigans!

Q: What was your first experience being a performer?

A: Playing piano at a recital when I was about 9 years old. I was scared to death but I think I pulled it off~