7 Questions: Matthew Jaidev Duplessie

We sent all the performers of the 2016 Classic City Fringe Festival the same 7 Questions. We wanted a deeper look into who they are, their goals, what inspires them, and what all lead them to performing at this years festival. Here’s what Matthew Jaidev Duplessie had to say:

7 Questions: Matthew Jaidev Duplessie2016performer_clandestine2

Q: Why do you identify as a “fringe” artist? 

A: I identify as being a ‘fringe’ artist as I see myself as bringing forward a progressive blend of ancient tribal and timeless world sounds to our modern ears. I also educate as I share, to help knowledge, wisdom and encouragement spread amongst our community. 

Q: What big goal do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years? 

A: In the next 5 years I hope to continue to spread the message of music, sound, frequency and vibration as healing tools that we all have access to through the healing channels of our voice, inner rhythms and expression. 

Q: How do events like the Fringe Festival help you as a fringe artist/performer? 

A: I’m excited to perform at the Fringe Festival to give people exposure to sounds they may have never heard or never heard in person. These help me to spread my message of transmitting sonic technology to uplift planetary consciousness.

Q: How is an event like the Fringe Festival good for the community?

A: Events like the Fringe Festival are great for the community, because music is one of the most unifying aspects of being human. To have the festival in a downtown center to expose many people to unique forms of expression is inspiring to ignite dormant passions in other observers and onlookers. 

Q: What Inspires you? 

A: I am inspired by beauty, creation, nature, world music, singing, culture, energy and connection. 

Q: What lead you to choose to perform the piece you will be doing? 

A: I now see my entire life has been guiding me to explore my passions of music, energy and community. My life’s work is to share interactive and immersive experiences with others so that they may feel first hand powerful changes taking place within them that inspires positive growth, change and inspiration. 

Q: What was your first experience being a performer?

A: My first experience being a performer was singing and playing guitar in my first band. I am naturally shy and introverted, but when I get on stage, it’s like another version steps forward to take the role of ‘this is what I am here to do’.