Artist Spotlight: Thomas Bauer “Athens GA: Over/Under”


If you are not familiar with Thomas Bauer you can quickly stalk his FB profile for an overwhelming list of former jobs he’s held in Athens…

Former: DJ at WUOG 90.5fm where he wrote and produced several programs, Dishwasher at The Place, Thai Spoon, and Heirloom Cafe & Fresh Market, Trivia host and DJ at Highwire Lounge, Marketing at UGA Vault, Lead Foreign Teacher at Lion King Education Group, Social Media Manager at The Red and Black, Light and Sound Technician at CANOPY STUDIO, Editing/Production at Mowerks Learning Gamewerks Camp, media intern at WUGA FM, Shelving Assistant at UGA Bookstore, bus driver at UGA Campus Transit, as well as Studied Journalism & Telecom at University of Georgia, which evetualy lead to a graduate degree in Digital Cinema Production from the New School, etc.

…and you might begin to grasp how deeply entrenched in the music and film scene of Athens GA he was while working tirelessly to create music videos and short films in collaboration with numerous artists in the community.

What all started in 2012, as part of a project for the local college radio station WUOG 90.5fm, eventually became an independent film project with various members of the Athens community attempting to depict the town from an insider’s perspective. A documentary about the Athens, GA music scene shot sporadically between 2012 and 2018 exploring the changing nature of the town through time.

About the film and that time in Athens, Thomas says: “This film is a time capsule of my impression of the music scene from 2013-2016, and representative of my thoughts on the scene and working in a DIY space in general. It was originally going to be 3 parts, but things got delayed and now part 3 (the final part) is in the final stages of production, so keep an ear out!

The length of time that the shooting and editing has taken brings a new meaning and gravity that the piece might not have had without these drawbacks, as it tries to move beyond a simple quirky nostalgia film and into a longer and more thought out work about time and how it can change people and a town.

When asked about his most important and defining accomplishments he is quick to answer: “The Sad Dads Holiday Special. It is the first 30 min narrative film I wrote and directed, and it was a great time. I still watch it a lot, and it’s one of the things that always encourages me to continue in this industry…

Now, all of his hard work has finally paid off because Thomas Bauer will be debuting his documentary film entitled “Athens, GA: Over/Under” at 7:40pm on Thursday Oct 18th @ the Seney-Stovall Chapel.