Bringing Unconventional Business Owners Together

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One of the best things about Fringe Festivals (Whether here in the Classic City, or anywhere in the world) is that your average unconventional business owners that may never even meet much less collaborate, are given the chance to come together to create a super cultural event for the town’s inhabitant’s and visitors…

Chicago Fringe Festival Logowho are also their potential customers. After all what else matters to a business, particularly small businesses and independent artists struggling to sell their wares from their homes, Etsy shops and Facebook and Amazon stores. You got it, sharing their goods with YOU, the customers.

fringe logo FrenchAs one of the Classic City Fringe Festival Founders, Mux Blank puts it, “The CCFF is a “culmination of different shows, vendors, venues and shops”.Because a fringe festival is allowing everyone to do their own shows, how ever they want, but still be included in the umbrella of the fringe fest as the one BIG showcase made up of smaller showcases… that’s how the fringe fest allows artists and vendors to try out new ideas that are unproven without taking as big of a risk in setting up a show/vendor booth themselves. Toronto logoAnd since this is a co-op in terms of promotions and marketing efforts, the normal cost of doing a show is drastically dropped because you as a performer or vendor are now sharing the cost with other new and untested idea showcases! Therefore, because all these unconventional businesses who are fringe businesses, and the many, many independent artists that struggle to sell their unique art can use the fringe festival to showcase new ideas, concepts and/or showcase their talent to newer audiences, either way they grow their already existing business!!!”


Knowing this, Why wouldn’t you want to be involved???

So to all you small and unconventional businesses, independent artists, give our very own Fringe Festival a chance and sign up today.

And Just in Case you need a little more convincing – check out CNN’s list of Nine of the most Intriguing Fringe Festivals in the U.S. 

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