CCFF Official 2017 Performer Profiles Available

We announced our CCFF Official 2017 Performers a week ago but didn’t tell you much more about them… Now you can Browse thru the “CCFF Performer Profiles” below, or go to our “Performers & Showcases” page, to get a better idea of what each production is about… then pick your favorites from the Schedule, or take a chance on something new and go see them all!

The Classic City Fringe Festival encompasses a wide range of performance artists and groups from the avant-garde to the family friendly. We including everything: Theater, dance/movement, music, video/film, performance art, poetry, puppetry, comedy, improv, art installations, circus and cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville, and any other sort of performance-based art… all can be found at the CCFF!

Black Light Theatre Company
"Bad Wolf Rising" & "Puppy Play"
Callous Physical Theater
"Clusterflock Ritual"
The Story Bitches
"Women With Words"
Johnson & Browder Productions
"What The Woolf Wore"
Chetter the Storyteller
"7th & Cypress: Spilling all the tea with an extra dose of sugar!"
The Badass Storytelling Quartet
Athens Playwrights’ Workshop
"Dead Movement"
Cynthia Rintye
"Tales of the Macabre"
Lypsis the Angel
The Milyssa Rose Show
U.S. Nero
Feelings Are Real
Tomato Jake
End The Sun
"Rhythm of Defeat"
Betty Hoop
"Spinny Scandal"
dok V
Peaches N. Cream
"Julia Child's Late-Night Cabaret Cooking Show"
The Margins
Jeffrey Williams
"Classic Magic"
RedSand Theatre
"A Beautiful Day Forever"
Charlie Cromer
"Forever Dead"
Polly Panic
"Physics of Bass"
Mike and Dee
"Slamming With Abandon!"
Sarah Beth Nelson
Eric Christiansen
Thomas Bauer
"Athens, GA: Over/Under"
Strange Torpedo
Deb Fromm
David Lee
"Title & Deed"
David Court
"One Man Band"
Tim Holehouse / Raeppen
Thunder Dreamers
"You can't play here."
Athens Playwrights’ Workshop
In Sonitus Lux
Sandy Dentures
Fire & Flow Showcases
Liam Parke Showcase
JOKER JOKER Gallery Showcase