Oct 27~30 http://classiccityfringefestival.com Classic City Fringe Festival 2016 ~ Athens GA Wed, 12 Oct 2016 03:28:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.5.4 http://classiccityfringefestival.com/wp-content/uploads/cropped-CCFFlogoICON-32x32.gif Oct 27~30 http://classiccityfringefestival.com 32 32 Announcing the 2016 Performers http://classiccityfringefestival.com/announcing-the-2016-performers/ http://classiccityfringefestival.com/announcing-the-2016-performers/#comments Fri, 02 Sep 2016 01:32:05 +0000 http://classiccityfringefestival.com/?p=377 Let’s put our hands together and welcome this year’s performers for the second annual Classic City Fringe Festival. You will be able to see these and other artists performing in 8 or more venues around town during the weekend of October 27th through the 30th. We’ve got dancing, music, and THEATER. We’ve got funny. We’ve got serious. We’ve loud and quiet, the strange and the beautiful. CCFF will be giving you a well rounded theater experience that you’ll be talking about all year long. So, without further ado, the performers.

Rocket Man and Kaleidoscope performed by David Lee

Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking performed by Cody Clark

Friendly’s Fire performed by- Scotty Gannon, Fred Galyean, John Philip Buisman, April Boyer Brown, Lauren M. Walman, John Terry

In Sonitus Lux performed by Serson Brannen

Kitty Stardust performing an original piece.

The Raconteuses performed by Sara Beth Nelson and Denise Mount

You Don’t Own Me performed by Darcy Wicked

Freedom of Expression performed by The Royal Aces

The 365 Project One Woman Show performed by Bridgette Burton

Kilted Creature – Bagpipe Swamp Metal performed by RJ Grady

Milyssa Rose performing and original piece.

DE-STAR performed by Colin Lacativa

Heart-Shaped Box performed by Lucy Plenty

Clandestiny’s Sonic Journey Through Time and Space performed by Matthew Jaidev Duplessie

Bo-Jangles performed by Marlon Burnley

Bouncers performed by Tony Demil, Matt Mercurio, Rowan Bousaid

Interpretation of an Adventure performed by Majid Araim

Voyager VI-XV performed by Maxwell Boecker

Steve’s Beach Babes produced by Stevens Seaberg

Gazpacho performing an original set

Bouquet performed by Ryder Seigle, Priscilla Smith, Rafael Villanueva

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Volunteers Needed ASAP! http://classiccityfringefestival.com/volunteers-needed-asap/ http://classiccityfringefestival.com/volunteers-needed-asap/#comments Mon, 15 Aug 2016 23:06:35 +0000 http://classiccityfringefestival.com/?p=362 GREETINGS ATHENIANS!! The students are back, summer is hot and fall is whispering around the corner. Which means great things are coming. We at Classic City Fringe Festival are preparing our second annual year of a festival of entertainment and celebration. I would like to invite anyone who is willing to help us make this an event to remember. We need volunteers, which we are calling Fringe Heroes, to assist in the preparations and smooth running of the festival. There is a large variety of areas that need a few helping hands. Before the festival we invite anyone who will help hang flyers, post on social media, blog, interview and do anything to inform Athens of what they can expect this year from CCFF. During the festival we will need a lot more assistance. We’ll need box office attendance, Door people, sound and tech hands, we want to have people documenting and informing the public, even those to help run errands and communicate. The festival will be held October 27-30. We will be encouraging all involved with CCFF to attend the Wild Rumpus on Sat. We are hoping to put together some floats from Fringe, which is another area you could help. If you want to be involved, the best way to contact us, is by sending us an email, or posting your questions to our Facebook Groups Page .

We hope to hear from you soon!

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Bringing Unconventional Business Owners Together http://classiccityfringefestival.com/bringing-unconventional-business-owners-together/ http://classiccityfringefestival.com/bringing-unconventional-business-owners-together/#respond Sun, 07 Aug 2016 23:42:45 +0000 http://classiccityfringefestival.com/?p=340 hpquwqpbzj9joth6cfldCome Join Us!

One of the best things about Fringe Festivals (Whether here in the Classic City, or anywhere in the world) is that your average unconventional business owners that may never even meet much less collaborate, are given the chance to come together to create a super cultural event for the town’s inhabitant’s and visitors…

Chicago Fringe Festival Logowho are also their potential customers. After all what else matters to a business, particularly small businesses and independent artists struggling to sell their wares from their homes, Etsy shops and Facebook and Amazon stores. You got it, sharing their goods with YOU, the customers.

fringe logo FrenchAs one of the Classic City Fringe Festival Founders, Mux Blank puts it, “The CCFF is a “culmination of different shows, vendors, venues and shops”.Because a fringe festival is allowing everyone to do their own shows, how ever they want, but still be included in the umbrella of the fringe fest as the one BIG showcase made up of smaller showcases… that’s how the fringe fest allows artists and vendors to try out new ideas that are unproven without taking as big of a risk in setting up a show/vendor booth themselves. Toronto logoAnd since this is a co-op in terms of promotions and marketing efforts, the normal cost of doing a show is drastically dropped because you as a performer or vendor are now sharing the cost with other new and untested idea showcases! Therefore, because all these unconventional businesses who are fringe businesses, and the many, many independent artists that struggle to sell their unique art can use the fringe festival to showcase new ideas, concepts and/or showcase their talent to newer audiences, either way they grow their already existing business!!!”


Knowing this, Why wouldn’t you want to be involved???

So to all you small and unconventional businesses, independent artists, give our very own Fringe Festival a chance and sign up today.

And Just in Case you need a little more convincing – check out CNN’s list of Nine of the most Intriguing Fringe Festivals in the U.S. 

logo white on transparent back

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From Humble Beginnings, a Most Wondrous Collection of Creativity has Sprung http://classiccityfringefestival.com/from-humble-beginnings-a-most-wondrous-collection-of-creativity-has-sprung/ http://classiccityfringefestival.com/from-humble-beginnings-a-most-wondrous-collection-of-creativity-has-sprung/#respond Tue, 26 Jul 2016 19:09:07 +0000 http://classiccityfringefestival.com/?p=208 SMALLMiss Ember01Hello and Welcome All, to the brand new and improved digital home for the 2nd annual Classic City Fringe Festival.  Although we (the creative team behind the scenes) have been steadily working 24-7 over the last few months to prepare for this year’s festival, there have been some exciting changes made, including an all new and exciting digital component, that it is only now that we are ready to unveil and share some of these fabulous changes with Athens and the Fringe Community at large.

First of all if you haven’t taken a good look around the web site you should spend a few moments just getting yourself oriented to the new design. Whether you are just now hearing about the festival and are asking yourself, “So what IS a Fringe Festival?” Or a return vendor, performer, sponsor or volunteer from last year and just looking to get involved again, you can find it all and probably more than you thought you wanted to know!

Here are a few tips to help you along your way as you peruse the new site.

Tip 1) You can’t get lost! No matter where you are, “Oh-no I am on a page which talks about past performers and I really wanted to read the latest post!” – no problem. The site is specifically designed to turn back on itself in numerous ways, creating an easy to use circular framework rather than a linear one where you can literally come to a page that has no way forward or back (a design often seen in large corporate sites either due to poor design, or as I’ve thought to myself on occasion, by design…to keep you staring at that bright red blinking “Invest With US NOW!” button until out of sheer deer in the headlights syndrome you finally push it, only to get a message that thanks you for having invested everything you own including your first born and a handful of blank checks made out to the corporation…they NOW OWN YOUmwhahahaha!  Okay but I’m getting way off topic. So simply put you can’t get stuck or lost anywhere within the site. If ever you feel like you took a wrong turn simply look to the sidebars of the page or in some cases, scroll to the bottom where you will see links for “Home“, “Schedule“, “Performers” and maybe most importantly “Donate” and “How to Participate“.

hissing lawns dbloodbathTip 2) You could just zip around all over the page, but there are a few things you want to make sure you check out, especially if you plan to be involved in the Festival in any capacity. For example probably one of the first things that really stand out are the Performer Submission Forms, found on several pages. These forms due by August 31st which will be here before you know it, so if you are feeling the urge to show off that act with the Chicken and the jug that you’ve been working on forever, go ahead and get signed up today, after all to fill out the form is free, so what do you have to lose?

Tip 3) Whether you’re a total newbie on the Fringe Scene or you and your artist buddies have been driving your converted bus from Fringe festival to Fringe festival like a reformed deadhead, there is absolutely one thing you should check out first….And that is the incredible tale of “How it All Began“, The Classic City Fringe Festival’s very own origin story as written by the founders themselves…well mostly written by one of the founders, Marty Cronk, but the others contributed too. It’s a great example of how something wonderful, something truly needed in Athens came to be from such a humble beginning.

AYFThe Fringe Festival provides a safe place for performers and vendors of all kinds, to show the people of Athens just how creative our large population of independent artists can be. The public gains the opportunity to see something that perhaps they’ve never seen before but will instantly fall in love with, as I did at the very first burlesque show I ever went too. There are sure to be unique artists with goods for sale of the highest quality craftsmanship in addition to performers of all varieties. Sideshow, street theater, Burlesque, fire-eaters, music, puppetry, dramatic theater, comedy, magic, and of course dancing of all kinds. I hope you’ll come and check it out. It may be the most fun you have all year.

arrow-blue-outline-downS0 stay tuned…RIGHT HERE (and on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram , Google+ and Pinterest) for continuing updates as we release the schedule, reveal the full list of performers, and finally roll out our brand new ticket packages – I’ve got a little surprise up my sleeve that I think everybody will be pleased with . Hint: quite possibly a collectible item to be taken from festival to festival? You’ll find out soon enough.

Until next time!

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Under Construction and Forging Ahead Strong! http://classiccityfringefestival.com/hello-world/ http://classiccityfringefestival.com/hello-world/#respond Tue, 10 May 2016 03:48:21 +0000 http://wp452m.a10-52-158-154.qa.plesk.ru/wordpress/?p=1 First of all we want to welcome you to the new Classic City Fringe Festival website and say THANK-YOU for stopping by and thanks again for your patience as we go about making this the best Fringe Festival Website ever.

Now you may have noticed that the Classic City Fringe Festival’s website has not only gone through an immediate and sudden change… Do not be alarmed! We have a wonderful team that are working virtually ’round the clock in the process of updating it all, and converting the old format to this new spiffy looking site you see now. Just so you know, the process of making this change, everything has to be updated page at a time, piece at a time… and therefore will take us a minute or two to rebuild, so bare with us for now. Things will get better, promise!

We’d ask that you go ahead and look around and if the information you need is not here, our advice is to check back as updates are being made several times daily. Before you know it, the construction will be complete and you’ll be sailing through, page by page, finding out every wonderful thing there is to know about the CLASSIC CITY FRINGE FESTIVAL!

See you Soon!


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