Flagpole mentions the CCFF Kickstarter Campaign!

Check out what Flagpole Magazine (Athens GA) had to say about the “Classic City Fringe Festival FUNdraiser” Kickstarter campaign that is now LIVE:

LEND ME YOUR EARS AND SHOW ME THE MONEY: The Classic City Fringe Festival is launching a very modest fundraiser via Kickstarter on Thursday to raise operating funds for its fourth annual event. The nonprofit, which is seeking a mere $500 (though of course you can continue to donate past that point), is offering up all sorts of donor rewards, from puppets to bumper stickers, posters, CCFF/Terrapin pint glasses and more. Higher-level donations will receive passes to the festival, which runs Oct. 18–21. Additionally, as the total dollar amount increases, more rewards will be released. (At $500, passes to secret events are released; at $1,000, limited edition T-shirts happen.) While in the grand scheme of things $500 isn’t an absolute boatload of money, it’s also not exactly chump change for most folks. What I like so much about CCFF’s effort is its ability to clearly identify its essential expenses—which are no doubt several multiples of this amount—its enthusiasm for bringing in artists from around the nation and overseas, and its clear willingness to create relevant rewards for its target customers. So, donate a few bucks at classiccityfringefestival.com.” (by Gordon Lamb, https://flagpole.com/music/threats-promises/2018/09/12/classic-city-fringe-festival-seeks-funds-and-more-music-news)

NOTE: If you wish to DONATE, follow this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mrblank/classic-city-fringe-festival-fundraiser