How To Participate


Even if you’re not a performance artist, the Classic City Fringe Festival endeavors to provide an opportunity for anyone to delve further into the weird, the unusual, and the treasures to be found off the beaten path. If you and your friends want to personally participate in innovative performance art entertainment in Athens… there are many opportunities where you can help out as a Volunteer Hero or you can even Support our cause thru donation. If you are a local business owner consider Sponsoring a Fringe Showcase, or Host one at your creative space. For more details, see below.


Volunteer Heroes Needed

VolunteersA festival like Fringe depends on its volunteers. We are putting together a festival that brings artists together where they can showcase themselves without unnecessary hassle. Achieving this goal will require many people, so we are looking for those who are ready to answer the call to become our Heroes. Fringe Heroes have many tasks to perform and many of our hopes and plans depend on those who are ready to come to the aid of artists trying to bring inspiration to the masses.

Fringe Heroes will include ushers, box-office tenders, technicians, street team members, wranglers, clean-up personnel, advance support workers, merch table operators, gaffers, runners, and at least one super high-fiver. Anyone who feels he or she can lend a hand to the cause is welcome to contact us. Only with the help of Fringe Heroes like you can we reach our goal of showcasing a creative and prosperous Athens Fringe community… and maybe world domination.

To volunteer contact us asap at:


Donate to the Fringe

It takes a lot of helping hands to support a community, and we never forget the donors that help us thrive. When you make a gift to the Classic City Fringe Festival, no matter what size, you’re telling Athens and the world that original art matters to you, to our community, and to our cultural identity. Did you know that financial and logistical barriers prevent many artists from producing new work? During the CCFF, we handle venue rentals, staffing, ticketing services and marketing for the festival as a whole. This leaves the artists free to create. We need YOU to keep production and ticket costs low! DONATE ON OUR KICKSTARTER NOW! 


MGM01Fringe Artist Market

The FRINGE Artist Market is accepting Fringe Vendors with ideas and dreams that they let come out to dance at night! We are looking for the FRINGE artists that paint, pour, build, burn, glue, weld, melt, and create beautiful works of art that might fall into the category of a little strange, or even misunderstood. We are seeking artist that are: Outsider, Weirdo, Odd, Fantastical, Abstract and especially the Otherworldly!! All are welcome here, Sign up NOW!



Become a Classic City Fringe Festival Sponsor


Supporting fringe cultural initiatives such as the Classic City Fringe Festival raises the value of our community and supports local artists and business by attracting audiences and cultural diversity to the local region. We have fully-adjustable sponsorship packages so we are happy to customize a partnership that makes sense for your business.  For more information about sponsoring Classic City Fringe Festival contact us today!

Check out our Sponsor Packet!