How To Participate

The Classic City Fringe Festival endeavors to provide an opportunity for anyone to delve into the weird, the unusual, and the treasures to be found off the beaten path. If your heart calls out for this you just might be the sort of “fringy” persons we are looking for. If so, you and your friends can participate in supporting and experiencing innovative performance art entertainment simply by attending the CCFF and enjoy yourself.

If you are a fringe performance artist and you are interested in being involved go to our “Performers” page, alternatively if you are ready to apply go straight to the 2016 Performer Application.

There are also other opportunities where you can help out as a Volunteer, be a Sponsoring business, host Fringe Shows at your creative space, or Support our cause thru donation. For more details, see below.


Volunteers Needed

VolunteersA festival like Fringe depends on its volunteers. We are putting together a festival that brings artists together where they can showcase themselves without unnecessary hassle. Achieving this goal will require many people, so we are looking for those who are ready to answer the call to become our Heroes. Fringe Heroes have many tasks to perform and many of our hopes and plans depend on those who are ready to come to the aid of artists trying to bring inspiration to the masses.

Fringe Heroes will include ushers, box-office tenders, technicians, street team members, wranglers, clean-up personnel, advance support workers, merch table operators, gaffers, runners, and a single super high-fiver. Anyone who feels he or she can lend a hand to the cause is welcome to contact us. Only with the help of Fringe Heroes like you can we reach our goal of showcasing a creative and prosperous Athens Fringe community… and maybe world domination.

To volunteer contact us asap at:

Donations Needed

As an Individual you can help by donating to our Fringe Tip Jar! These funds will be used to cover expenses of the Classic City Fringe Festival. You can donate Here:



Want To Be A Business Sponsor?

As a business you are often asked to support community projects and events, but this is something really unique. By supporting Fringe you’ll associate yourself and your brand with our continued efforts to produce thrilling innovative and original events in Athens. We want your sponsorship to have the highest impact in terms of building exposure and goodwill among the people of our community. Your sponsorship will connect you and your brand with potential customers who have a taste for the unusual and the sensational.

We have many awesome perks that make our sponsorship program special. Our sponsor packages will provide sponsors and partners with incentives to encourage local businesses and the public to join together to bring about a more prosperous Athens.

To view our 2016 Sponsor Packet go to our “Sponsors” page.

To have a representative visit you to discuss our sponsorship options contact us at


VenueWant To Be A Participating Venue?

If you want to host a Fringe show at your venue please fill out the CCFF Venue Sign-Up Form (link below) and we will set up a meeting to determine the best kind of performance package for your venue. If you would like to speak to a CCFF Representative before filling out this form then contact us by email at

CCFF Venue Sign-Up Form




Athens own annual dark/outsider/weirdo arts and crafts festival the Moonlight Gypsy Market has joined forces with the Classic City Fringe Festival to bring you the new version of this FRINGE Artist Market!! Now the same atmosphere you came to expect, that aura of the unusual and unexpected, the strange and unknown… it will all be there, but now there’s more… with your help! We are now accepting submission from Vendors with ideas and dreams that they let come out to dance at night! We are looking for the FRINGE artists that paint, build, burn, glue, weld, melt, and create beautiful works of art that might fall into the category of a little strange, or even misunderstood. We are seeking artist that are: Outsider, Weirdo, Odd, Macabre, Erotic, Fantastical, Abstract and especially the Otherworldly!! All are welcome here, Join Us!

UPDATE!!! The Classic City Fringe Festival has worked out a special opportunity for all vendors. We will have two days to vend during the Weekend!! So now, all Moonlight Gypsy Market vendors have the added bonus of being able to set up on Friday Oct 28th at Terrapin Brewery from 1pm to 7pm, and then of course downtown at Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother for the Moonlight Gypsy Market from sundown to midnight. Both market places will be great opportunities for vendors, but of course you don’t have to do both if you don’t want to. Just make sure you make a note on the application that you want to do both… it will not cost anything extra.

CCFF Vendor Sign-Up Form