Past Performers


Black Light Theatre Company “Bad Wolf Rising” & “Puppy Play”

Callous Physical Theater “Clusterflock Ritual” (Tallahassee FL)

The Story Bitches “Women With Words” (Cleveland GA)

Johnson & Browder Productions “What The Woolf Wore” (Rome GA)

Chetter The Storyteller “7th & Cypress: Spilling all the tea with an extra dose of sugar!” (ATL GA)

The Badass Storytelling Quartet “Protest!” (Lawrenceville GA)

Athens Playwright’s Workshop “Dead Movement”

Cynthia Rintye “Tales of the Macabre” (ATL GA)

Lypsis The Angel (Charlottesville VA)

The Milyssa Rose Show (Marietta GA)

U.S. Nero (New Orleans LA)

Feelings Are Real

Tomato Jake (Lancaster PA)

End The Sun “Rhythm Of Defeat” (Augusta GA)

Betty Hoop “Spinny Scandal”

dok V (Macon GA)

Peaches N. Cream “Julia Child’s Late Night Caberet Cooking Show”

The Margins

Jeffrey Williams “Classic Magic”



Fringe Fest Friday at Terrapin

“From Burning” by Mariah Manoylov

Monsoon’s All Hallow’s Eve Party

“Casus Belli” by Steven A Grainger

Battery Powered Noise Fest 5

Moonlight Gypsy Market

Francine Fringe “The Fringe Fest Zombie”

“Bouquet” by Priscilla Smith

“Steve’s Beach Babes” by Stevens Seaberg

“Voyager VI-XV” by Maxwell Boecker

“Interpretation of an adventure” by Majid Araim

“Bo-Jangles” by Marlon Burnley

“Clandestiny’s Sonic Journey Through Time and Space” by Matthew Jaidev Duplessie

“Heart-Shaped Box” by Lucy Plenty


Milyssa Rose

“Bagpipe Swamp Metal” by Kilted Creature

“The 365 Project One Woman Show” by Bridgette Burton



Mr Blank



Mr Blank’s Weird & Wandering Sideshow



“Sonic Zen” by In Sonitus Lux

Dendera Bloodbath

A Brilliant Lie

Theater Of Pure Form

“Can’t Tell You Why” by Bad Ass Storytelling Quartet

“Jazz, Baby” by Electrophoria

“Prison Monologues, Part 1” by Daniel Guyton

“Silent Militia” by Liberator

“Pins and Needles” by Laura Hoffman and Lisa Yaconelli

Improv Athens

Comic Strip Comedy Show

Battery Powered Noise Fest II