Performer Spotlight: 2018 CCFF Fire/Flow Showcases

We will be showcasing our flow artists at a couple different locations during the CCFF:





Flow artist, Performer, Teacher… Eric Christiansen is a poi spinner with or without fire that also works with advanced led strip poi that create images in the air! Something you don’t want to miss! (Find him on Instagram here: @flowpoi)



Michelle Zuluaga Valencia

Michelle has been a Colombian American flow arts performer for almost 3 years! She says “It truly changed my life and has become such a big part of who I am! I always tell that to people and hopes that they will pick up a flow toy themselves!” While citing Burlesque and her Latin Roots as some of her inspirations, she goes on to say that audiences can expect “Dance! Dance! And more dance! As a latina, I grew up dancing to Latin beats and that rhythm has transferred to other styles of dance as well… I perform wanting to see everyone smile and won’t stop until everybody is!” (Find her on Instagram here: @pebblespins)




Alyssia Dawn

Alyssia Dawn

Alyssia Dawn is a fire and LED spinner that also performed with the CCFF last year with Betty Hoop. She says: “As cliche as it sounds, the art of flow has taught me to keep on spinning, no matter how many times I ‘mess up’. I try to apply those practices to my life as well! Never give up no matter what life throws at you! I am self made. I worked to get where I am… through a will of my own!” With that drive pushing her forward, she considers her most defining accomplishment as “figuring out I wanted to pursue a STEM field, so I could give back to what this beautiful planet has given to me through natural conservation in our oceans!