Performer Spotlight: Deb Fromm “#WafflingSouthernStyle”


When asked to explain what she does, Deb Fromm will simply say: “I’m just a girl standing in front of strangers… waffling”. But in reality she has spent her entire life preparing for the role of storyteller.

Her favorite childhood memories are of “sitting around the dining room table listening to stories told by the greats”, a.k.a. her elders. As a young woman, she worked as an Arts Specialist for a non-profit in Southern Appalachia. There a mentor taught her more about “the wonderful world of storytelling”. At Head Start centers in the area she learned to sing songs and tell her own stories. So taken by this art form, she pursued a graduate degree in Storytelling at Eastern Tennessee State University in Johnson City. There she honed her storytelling skills and became even more convinced of the “value of sharing stories of past relatives and stories not found in books”. Her funny, lighthearted tales are based on herself and her experiences.

Come hear Deb Frommfoolishly divulge intimate details of Southern living with the charm of a New Yorker8pm on Friday Oct 19th @ the Seney-Stovall Chapel.


[Performer Spotlight Written by: Lisa Hatch (CCFF Staff Volunteer)]