Performer Spotlight: In Sonitus Lux

I’ve known of Serson Brannen for some time ever since sharing a gig with him where he performed simply as “The Subliminator“. His performances looked like some mysterious wizard weaving sound and light together around a psychedelic wall of spoken word, all right before your very eyes with weird space age looking ‘pods’ that magically reacted to a wave of his hands. He controlled those machines with a stern determination and the perfectly choreographed movements of his dancing hands.

Years later when the CCFF began, Serson was one of the first persons I wanted to invite to join us as a performer based on what I had seen from him years before. Unexpectantly though, he introduced us to his then newest performance project called “In Sonitus Lux“. When translated from latin (in google translator mind you) the name means: “In light of the Noise” or as it’s more eloquently stated on his website: “The Sound Of Light“. These performances usually consist of those dancing hands of his on the very rare percussive instrument called the HANG, which seems effortlessly executed in collaboration with other experimental and avant-garde sound artists that he’s known since his years performing as The Subliminator.


About the HANG Serson writes: “It was explained to me in no uncertain terms that being a Hang player means that in order to fulfill the zen one must busk with it. Jaded old rock-n-roller that I can be I was very skeptical about this. But I am not now. I had some amazing things happen while busking… Despite always dressing well when busking I have been mistaken for a homeless person and have been given sandwitches, bible tracts, and lectures of various types! Once I had a little girl of about 5 years of age dance for about a half hour, after which her mother told me she was autistic and had never danced before in her life. Several times a month I make it a point to go busking. When you fulfill the Zen, magic happens. Banksy is an artist I admire greatly because despite being world famous and one of hottest visual artists on the planet, he still takes his art to the street. He can turn up at anytime, anywhere. I respect that and my vision for ISL encompasses that very thing. Fulfilling the zen. There was a time I would have scoffed at the idea but not now. Playing Hang has changed the way I look at music and other things as well.

In Sonitus Lux continues to be an ever evolving free improv ensemble of musicians, performers and other artists. By design it is in a constant state of flux but always in the moment, original and eclectic… So we can’t wait to see what variation will be presented this year at the In Sonitus Lux showcase happening 6pm, Sunday Oct 21 @ The World Famous.