Performer Spotlight: Polly Panic


Cello-rock siren Polly Panic (aka Jenette Mackie) has just released her 3rd album entitled “Losing Form”, which she stands behind as her “strongest album yet“. Citing influences from Rasputina, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Tom Waits, and Nirvana. “Cello, drums and vocals drive these tunes. The listener is struck by an assaulting tenderness entangled with dark, odd metered theater.

Jenette is also a member of the esteemed and groundbreaking cello rock band Rasputina. Touring with them on the national “Thanks for the Ether” tour, with plans for touring more in the future.


When not on the road or in the studio with Rasputina, Jenette has faithfully focused on writing (whether solo or with a drummer) as her alter ego Polly Panic on and off now for 15 years. With only a short period of about 2 years off when she moved to South America and gave up pursuing Polly Panic as a career and way of life. During that time she still found herself dragging her cello around from bar to bar in Cotacachi, Ecuador. “I was too overwhelmed and discouraged to keep going.” Jennette explains “Part of it was that I had a hard road to travel in recovery from Alcoholism. I have spent quite a bit of time battling depression. I still get overwhelmed and mentally defeated at times. I do my best to battle it and take it easy on myself, enjoying the actual act and art of music making“. To date she has released 3 albums including: “Painkiller” in 2006, “Fragment” in 2012, and now “Losing Form” released this year!

Her dedication is evident when she talks about her fans “EVERY SINGLE person that listens to Polly Panic is precious to me. I try to be as honest and open as I am able, because I believe that is what is soooo needed in art and in life (especially now). That is what reaches people!” she says “It’s usually when I feel like giving up that someone will pop up or send an email to me expressing their joy in my music, and how much it helps them on that other layer of self. That is what I want, to get there, with you“. Jennette actively encourages her fans to connect with her, and to feel free to send an email any time with thoughts, ideas, or just to say hi.

You can catch Polly Panic (Jenette Mackie, with drummer Caleb Beissert), 4:15pm on Saturday Oct 20th @ the Seney-Stovall Chapel.