Performer Spotlight: RedSand Theatre “A Beautiful Day Forever”


In researching RedSand Theatre’s Davide Vox for this spotlight, I inadvertently learned quite a bit about noteworthy movement instructor and theatre pedagogue, Jacques Lecoq, as well.

Davide Vox is the founder of the RedSand Theatre in London, and has directed and movement-directed shows all over the world, collaborating with numerous international companies and artists for over 6 years now. Graduating in 2012 from the “Accademia di Arti Drammatiche ITACA” (a LAMDA subsidiary in Italy), he went on to also attend the “L’École Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq” (founded by Jacques Lecoq) specialising in the treatment of movement and physicality, graduating in 2015.


At this point in Davide’s Bio I also started researching who Jacques Lecoq was and learned about his methods that are now taught at his school. This gave me a sense of who Davide Vox’s influences were and how that shaped his work as the founder of his own theatre company.

According to Wikipedia: Jacques Lecoq, born in Paris 1921, was best known for his teaching methods in physical theatre, movement, and mime which he taught at the school he founded in Paris (L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq) from 1956 until his death in 1999. Lecoq wrote on the art and philosophy of mimicry and miming, as well as the subject of gesture specifically and its philosophical relation to meaning, viewing the art of gesture as a linguistic system of sorts in and of itself. In training Lecoq emphasized the efficiency and effectiveness of movement as a sort of zen art of making simple, direct, minimal movements that nonetheless carried significant communicative depth.

In 1999, filmmakers Jean-Noël Roy and Jean-Gabriel Carasso released “Les Deux Voyages de Jacques Lecoq”, a film documenting two years of training at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. Here’s a clip from the film (with english subtitles):

The short preview clip (below), submitted by RedSand Theatre, gives you a peak at what you can possibly expect from this showcase… and right off I can definitely see some Jacques Lecoq influences.

A longer description of the showcase can be found on the Performer Profile for RedSand Theater, but it starts off with a very vivid look at the topic of “Fame” stating: Fame is everything nowadays. We’re slaves of the desire of ‘being someone’, we lack our own identity. Every action we make is to claim the attention of the cameras and the coveted immortality that comes with them. But what are we actually ready to do for all this? What sacrifices are we ready to make? Will fame and success actually grant us immortality? Or do we need something more? And once we finally reached notoriety, can we go back? Become a human being once again and not just a “product” for the masses?

These questions serve as a framework for this intriguing showcase from RedSand Theatre entitled “A Beautiful Day Forever” which takes place on Saturday Oct 20th at 6:30 in the SENEY-STOVALL CHAPEL; and again on Sunday Oct 21st at 5:00 @ WORLD FAMOUS downtown.