Performer Spotlight: Ric Scoles

When we asked Ric Scoles to tell us about what he does, he replied,

“I’ve played banjo for 40 years and still the most radical thought I had was that banjo is just a musical instrument. I wasn’t trying to break down walls by playing music that was beyond the usual banjo boundaries. I just heard other music. There is no wall. That’s what is cool about the unique tone and myth of banjo is sometimes you can pop people’s reality bubble. No one lets you be who or what you are in this world so you do it anyways. It just is.”

Ric Scoles is a unique and immensely talented banjo player. If you’d like to hear what a real musical virtuoso can do on a banjo, come get your reality bubble popped! You won’t want to miss this one-time-only performance!

Ric Scoles will be performing on Saturday, October 20 at about 6:00pm as a part of the musical showcase curated by Liam Parke, at The Office Lounge in Homewood Shopping Center.