Performer Spotlight: Sarah Beth Nelson “Heroines”


Sarah Beth Nelson is a doctoral candidate, mother to two, married to a lawyer, a Latin scholar, a librarian… and of course, an amazing storyteller!

Sarah Beth once stood in the Roman Forum, surrounded by dusty ruins all alive with story. Instead of a gaping hole, she saw a statue of Jupiter. Instead of the wind, she heard Nero’s fiddle. Sarah Beth draws much of her inspiration from classical history and mythology. But, Rome isn’t the only place with a few good tales, sometimes she dips into other folk traditions as well. In Rome, in Norwich, in Chapel Hill and beyond, Sarah Beth unearths the hidden stories and brings them to life.

With “Heroines”, Sarah Beth Nelson gives new voice to kick-ass women from Greek mythology with two showcases this year. Thursday Oct 18th starting at 8:45 she performers @ the Seney-Stovall Chapel; and then again starting at 3pm on Saturday Oct 20th @ the Seney-Stovall Chapel.