We don’t want to leave anyone out when it comes to including artists with the Classic City Fringe Festival, taking place Oct 18-21, 2018. Although our festival is mostly a celebration of performance artists of all kinds, we would also like to show some love to our fringe crafting artists as well!

This year our Fringe Artist Market will take place from Noon until Dark on Saturday Oct 21st in the parking lot of the beautiful Seney-Stovall Chapel building located at: 200 N Milledge Ave!

The Fringe Artist Market is accepting Fringe Vendors with ideas and dreams that they let come out to dance at night! We are looking for the fringe artists that paint, pour, build, burn, glue, weld, melt, and create beautiful works of art that might fall into the category of a little strange, or even misunderstood. We are seeking artist that are: Outsider, Weirdo, Odd, Fantastical, Abstract and especially the Otherworldly!! All are welcome here, Sign up NOW!

If you would like to sign up as a Fringe Vendor click on the button here:

10’x10′ VENDOR BOOTHS = $50