SPOTLIGHT: “BYOV” Events of the CCFF

SPOTLIGHT: “BYOV” Events of the CCFF

What are the BYOV Events of the CCFF?

We recently announced most of our performers for this year’s fest, but since then we’ve had a few late arrivals added to the schedule that we want to bring to your attention. We hate turning anyone down, the idea of this festival is to be inclusive, not exclusive… In fact we try to make sure to help any producer find a way to bring their ideas to life. This is a festival where performers and producers are trying new things, new untested ideas, or they are showcasing projects from their heart… and so our goal is to help them in any way we can.

One of the ways we ensure inclusivity is thru an option on our performer application called the “BYOV” or Bring Your Own Venue. This option gives the producers of fringe events in the community a way to create their own showcases and have them included as part of the weekend festivities of the CCFF, while retaining full control over every aspect of their production. They may want to find their own venue or some alternative location to produce their show, they control all aspect of their showcase without any interference from us, and the only thing the CCFF does is add them to our program and promote them as we would any of our shows!

This year the CCFF received a few of these BYOV submissions!

terrapin-brewing-logo10Terrapin Brewery is producing a “Terrapin Fringe Halloween Show” featuring many of the performers we’ve announced, a daytime Fringe Market of artists and crafters, and of course beer tastings…

14523262_1455412351142610_7980454262322351747_nThen there’s the infamous “Monsoon Halloween Party“! Yeah you heard that right, Monsoon (the band with a song on a Toyota commercial) is throwing the biggest Halloween party ever billed as “the bloodiest human sacrifice” on Friday night and every “CCFF All Access Pass” or “CCFF Friday Single Day Pass” holder gets when you present your pass at the door! This party features some awesome local performers: Harlot Party, Swamp, Kwazymoto, Deluxe Interiors, Monsoon, and more.

14457442_1242432575778295_2388069984030221_nTalking about FREE, we have the ever strange “Moonlight Gypsy Market” (an event that has been produced since 2010!), open to the public from Sundown to Midnight on Saturday in the parking lot of Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother this arts-n-crafts event will showcase a collection of artists known for their works of odd, strange, and otherworldliness!

battery-recyclingNow if weird is your thing, you might want to check out another showcase produced by our very own resident weirdo Mux Blank… The “Battery Powered Noise Fest” (now in it’s 5th installment) might just be your thing. The BPNF is something Mux Blank developed as a challenge for electronic sound artists to try to go off-grid with how they present their performances. “Without being tethered to a municipal power source you are forced to explore alternative forms of energy usage, experiment with sculpting sounds from alternative sources, and even develop spacial effects (via sound and lighting) that interact with and enhance an overall performance. All attendees should note: As an audience member you are also encouraged to interact by bringing your own battery powered lights to add to the performance.”

Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the event we will be spotlighting all of our performers in our Fringe Blog. You can sign up to “Get New Posts By Email” (see form in right sidebar) and you will be notified of blog post by email. Of course you can also go to our “Performers” page at any time and find more information about all our performers! Our “Schedule” will also be updated very soon, so stay tuned for more.

passallaccessAs you can see, the CCFF event this year will have a wide range of shows to see from the family friendly to the outright weird! This is one of the most exciting events in Athens all year. So get your tickets now… All Access Passes are available that will grant you access to all showcases and events of the CCFF all weekend long… and for only $40 that’s hard to beat! Single Day Passes are also available. Go to the “Fringe Store” to purchase your passes and while you’re there pick up a CCFF Bumper Sticker, all proceeds from the sale of the bumper stickers go toward producing more events and developing initiatives to assist fringe performers in the community! So buy a few and put them on all your cars, even your friends cars… They are certainly sure to thank you.

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