SPOTLIGHT: Burlesque Entertainers

SPOTLIGHT: Burlesque Entertainers

When I think the sheer variety of burlesque and its artists, one aspect runs universally across them all. Boldness. The boldness it takes to do burlesque is admirable. These are dancers that step to the edge of dance and dare audiences to appreciate the art and beauty in the rare and undaunted. It’s these attributes that make burlesque a perfect fit for Fringe Festivals. For years Fringes have brought to light art and performance that has been hidden away. Audiences find shows that push their preconceived ideas of theater. And for years burlesque has been doing the same. The performers aren’t just bold; they are also joyful. They take such happiness in finding new and unique ways to perform. Whether being audacious or funny they all exhibit boldness and the joy of being bold.

2016performer_darcyDarcy Wicked
If you want to see a performer have fun, this is a show you don’t want to miss! After nearly a lifetime of performing in plays, specializing in comedy, improv, and modern dance, Darcy discovered Burlesque and fell in love at first sight. She goes to great lengths to make people laugh, passing the joy of music and performing on to the audience. She is known for her dedication to character development, so each piece tells a clear story. One of the pieces Darcy will be performing shows how a ‘60s housewife chafes under the bonds of a patriarchal society and ends up declaring, once and for all, You Don’t Own Me and You Can’t change me. At the Terrapin Brewery for the Fringe Fest Friday at Terrapin, Darcy will perform, “You Don’t Own Me,” “Spooky Scary Skeletons” and “Not Meant To Be.”

2016performer_kittystardustKitty Stardust
Here we have an artist who says she loves to be ridiculous. Ridiculously fun, that is. That’s what lead her to choose the piece she will be performing. Kitty Stardust is here to make you questionwhat exactly Burlesque is. Twerking, glitter, fake blood… She’s a Moonage daydream but you can find her in the club! She has been doing dance and music since she was 4. From that little girl grew a woman who loves using art and dance to ignite people’s imaginations and expose them to things they didn’t know were available to them. She wants to give her audience a smorgasbord of art and performance styles. She hopes people will leave ready to embrace all of art into their lives.

2016performer_lucyplentyLucy Plenty
Lucy brings us a gentle parody to a cover of a well-known Nirvana song. She has been a working performance artist and burlesque entertainer in the Athens area since 2010. She performs all over the state of Georgia, and recently as far as her hometown of Seattle, WA. Thus we anticipate that this Nirvana tribute, though perhaps an unusual style for burlesque, expresses loving tribute to 1990’s grunge music and style.

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