SPOTLIGHT: Dance & Movement

SPOTLIGHT: Dance & Movement

Dance and movement are some of the most expressive of all the silent arts. Without sound or word, we can still SEE any amount of complex emotion and communication. Dance is an art form we see around us everyday. We all practice it in our own small personal ways. These everyday movements and body language are but the root and soul of this art form. There are as many styles and ways of dancing as there are styles of music and sound. It is the physical form of music. Dance can be as elegant as ballet, as amazing as contortionists and acrobats, and as inspiring and surprising as the flash mob.

This year the CCFF is proud to be able to bring our audiences a wide range of dance styles and experiences. The dance groups we will be presenting to you this year all have amazing talent, they all have entertainment value, and they all have a heart that moves and takes joy in the action of those movements.

2016performer_shakiradavisWe are extremely honored and excited to have The Royal Aces performing “Freedom Of Expression” with us this year. This local Athens group founded by Shakira Davis, the CEO and founder of Royal Aces Dance Studio, has brought together and taught girls and young ladies to organize into a successful and popular troupe. They have been packing houses and raising spirits in the Athens community for many years. If you haven’t seen them now’s your chance.

beach-babes-0772While many of the performers for the CCFF are young or are bringing relatively new shows to the table, on the other side of the spectrum we have Stevens Seaberg with his performance entitled “Steve’s Beach Babes”. This 84 year old acrobat has been performing for more years than I’ve been alive, yet he still contains a sturdy trustworthiness that never seems to age. Stevens Seaberg is a circus trainer in Atlanta’s Impiral OPA, an entertainment booking company, and runs a circus school… Wow!

Note: You may be wondering: “Wait, where’s the mention of the Burlesque dancers?!”, and yes, while we do realize that Burlesque is a dance based art form, there’s far more to focus on than only the dance. So look out for our “Spotlight: Burlesque Performances” blog for more on this special new edition to our festival since last year…