SPOTLIGHT: Poetry & Spoken Word

SPOTLIGHT: Poetry & Spoken Word

Most people’s first introduction to Spoken Word performance is through poetry. Often at an open mic night in a coffee house, performers make a magical connection to their audience through the simple act of sharing their passion, their Truth, or simply their story. Spoken Word itself has its roots deep in history, from the first time someone sat around a campfire and captivated their audience with a story that drew people in, hungry for more. In more recent decades it often takes on the form of poetry slams, comedy, and even “prose monologues”. This year’s Classic City Fringe Festival offerings include stories and poetry, both humorous and heartfelt.

2016performer_365projectBridgette Burton
For most people a journey of self exploration does not take them to the stage. But that is where Burton’s journey has brought her. When she started The 365 Project: The Year of Getting Back to Me she sought to make herself into the best person she could. What grew from that was a selection of poems about watching one’s self change throughout the year. This project brought together a group of friends that felt these words spoke to them. After traveling and speaking in many places she and her group are taking this book, published in 2014, to the stage for others to experience and enjoy.

2016performer_raconteusesThe Raconteuses
For this duo, story time is family time. This mother, daughter pair bring stories of everyday life. They show how two lives can mirror each other and still be unique. The Raconteuses has been telling stories in Athens and as far away as Buffalo NY. for many years. Many may remember them from last year’s Classic City Fringe Fest when they performed with The Badass Storytelling Quartet. This will be honest and entertaining. Real stories of real life from real women.

co-wrote, Megan Dunn / Jessie Roman

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