Spotlighting the 2018 Music Showcases

Although Fringe festivals are mostly known for being theatre based performing artist festivals, we at the CCFF do not shy away from including fringe musicians because after all they are performing artists as well. Many time we may suggest to musicians that they might want to include some sort of visual element to their performance, or to find some way of bringing something a little extra special for their showcase for the CCFF. This time around we have quite an eclectic collection of musicians that are bringing the spectacle in quite different ways:


SMOGGO “Physics Of Bass”

After an extended 7 year absence, Smoggo returns home to Athens, to perform 30 mins of brutal noise to dance to! Smoggo’s performance entitled “Physics of Bass” promises to use low end frequencies and paint to destroy images of cultural constructs. The extreme tangible material of sound is harnessed in the performance to upend notions of objectivity and objectification. Some of you may have seen past Smoggo performances here in Athens like at the now infamous experimental music experience known as “Aux Experimental Festival Athens”. We are excited to see what Smoggo has planned for CCFF, but all I can say is it’s supposed to include some sort of multimedia experience with video projection and I hear there are plans for the performance to be streamed live here: . Of course I’m sure the experience isn’t going to be the same as seeing it live 7pm on Thursday Oct 18th @ the Seney-Stovall Chapel.



David Court “One Man Band”

On the other end of the spectrum of music we have David Court who plans to perform a “One Man Band” performance playing harmonica, mountain dulcimer, and foot tambourine all at the same time… making it look easy! His repertoire consists of Celtic fiddle tunes, American folk music and songs from the 60’s and 70’s. As a performer he loves to busk at outdoor festivals and open air markets like the one we are having in the parking lot of the Seney-Stovall Chapel (noon-dark) on Saturday Oct 20th.

David will also be performing earlier in the morning for the crowd at Athens Farmers Market Saturday Oct 20th between 8-10am



Strange Torpedo

The band Strange Torpedo promises “A Wild and One Of A Kind ride” with their show. As a four piece (Stephen, Vitto, Pete, and Tom) rock band they perform songs about life and social views on society as a whole, with catchy bass lines, in your face power vocals, classic rock influenced guitar, and heavy punching drums. You can catch them closing out the showcases at the Seney-Stovall Chapel on Saturday Oct 20th starting at 8pm.





Liam Parke Presents:

Liam Parke, widely known for his “Best of Unknown Athens” event at The Foundry, is curating his own showcase for the 2018 CCFF featuring: Natalie Cladd, Ric Scoles, and his own band True Born Sons… All happening Saturday Oct 20th at 5pm – 7pm @ the The Office Lounge in the Homewood Shopping Center.

True Born Sons

True Born Sons

Athens super-group project playing all-acoustic original Greengrass, Americana, Irish Modern/Trad, and Celtic Rock while featuring veteran area musicians like: Jason Elder (a multi-instrumentalist composer, performer, interpreter, and music teacher), Brent Davenport (mandolin, vocals, and bass), Anna Steffl (accordion), and fronted by Liam Parke (Banjo/Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter)



Natalie Cladd

Natalie Cladd

As stated at the beginning of this blog we like to suggest that bands have some sort of visual element as part of their performances for the CCFF, and yet rarely do we get bands with mannequins as members. But thats something to be expected with the band of whom Gordon Lamb from Flagpole Magazine recently called “really corny” because of their “fourth imaginary member named ‘Natalie’.” (

Natalie Cladd is a three (or four depending on who you ask) member band out of Athens GA featuring: Scott Blackwell, Jason Elder, and Joe Orr (plus their ‘life-challenged’ member Natalie Cladd who, just does what mannequins do)… and they are intent on “bathing the crowd in the majesty of rock and roll“! About their sound the band writes: “Natalie Cladd’s sound resolves itself as classic hard pop with a punky edge, three-part harmonies, clean melodic instrumentation, tight rhythms, and a well-informed, thoughtful approach to all aspects of their sound. Each band member takes turns singing lead on a custom blend of cover tunes and originals. Natalie Cladd’s shared philosophy is that, through their music, they can promulgate the message that: Good people need to tell Jerks to get lost“. Were they talking about Gordon Lamb, I guess we’ll never know?

(PS: For the record we here at CCFF love both Natalie Cladd and Gordon Lamb, lol.)