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It takes a lot of helping hands to support a community, and we never forget the donors that help us thrive. When you make a gift to the Classic City Fringe Festival, no matter what size, you’re telling Athens and the world that original art matters to you, to our community, and to our cultural identity. Did you know that financial and logistical barriers prevent many artists from producing new work? During the CCFF, we handle venue rentals, staffing, ticketing services and marketing for the festival as a whole. This leaves the artists free to create. We need YOU to keep production and ticket costs low! Donate today!


Become a Classic City Fringe Festival Sponsor!


Supporting fringe cultural initiatives such as the Classic City Fringe Festival raises the value of our community and supports local artists and business by attracting audiences and cultural diversity to the local region. We have fully-adjustable sponsorship packages so we are happy to customize a partnership that makes sense for your business.  For more information about sponsoring Classic City Fringe Festival contact us and we will meet to discuss how together we can benefit the community.




Special Thanks to ALL of our wonderful 2018 supporters for their help in making this festival a reality! Always Support your community and the small businesses within it:


  • Familiar Games
  • Rick Schott
  • Mux Blank
  • The Creative Fund
  • Alison
  • Gabbi Black
  • Lisa Rose
  • Francine Fringe
  • Marlene Koncewicz
  • Murphy Norman
  • Rachel Griffin-Jackson
  • Tiffany Poucher
  • Lisa Hatch
  • David Court
  • Bradley Staples
  • Nicholas Leon LaFond
  • Chris
  • Lloyd Handy
  • DKE Toys
  • Stacie Court
  • Tracy Miller
  • John Tong
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