Athens Playwrights’ Workshop

Athens Playwrights’ Workshop

Athens Playwrights’ Workshop

Dead Movement
90 Mins ~ Theater

“Forgotten souls at a forgotten hotel…”


Sat @ 6:30 – Flicker Theater & Bar

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Athens Playwrights’ Workshop
PERFORMERSFeaturing Charlie Cromer, Ellen Everitt, John Terry, and Justin Tyler Hall. Special appearances by Lukas T. Woodyard as “The Voice of God.”  
CREW: Director: Dina Canup; Stage Manager: Michaela Wilkins

FULL DESCRIPTION: “Welcome to the Rosendale Hotel where guests can stay a night, a week, a month, or a lifetime. Enter Patrick, a stranger who meets local characters and inhabitants such as Joe Joe, a mechanic and tow-truck operator with dreams of being a car salesman; and Rachel, the concierge whose only pleasures in life come from watching the various residents torture themselves as if she were watching a reality show. A play that includes animal transformations, Dead Movement is the story of people who want to disappear, and others who want to be seen; both are desperate impulses which, when followed, lead to funny, complicated, uncanny results.”

MORE INFO: “Friendly’s Fire, which premiered with last year’s CCFF, is now on its way to a LORT production at the Barter Theatre. John Patrick Bray has been writing and producing plays for twenty years, and has published two anthologies of APW plays. John is a resident writer with Off-Off Broadway’s Rising Sun Performance Company, an Equity Membership Candidate, and a member of The Dramatists’ Guild of America, Inc. APW has hosted nearly a dozen play readings (outside of the twice-a-month workshops) and co-produced last year’s production of Friendly’s Fire with UGA Theatre.”