Battery Powered Noise Fest 5

Music Installation

The Battery Powered Noise Fest is an experimental sound art installation/performance event where everything is powered by battery, ONLY! This is the fifth installment of the BPNF and this time it’s happening in a School Bus parked in the Rook & Pawn parking lot!!!

Running time: 9pm – Midnight
Rating: General Audiences


  • Sunday ~ 9pm-12am ~ Rook & Pawn parking lot

FEATURING: DE-STAR, Mr Blank, Mr Blank’s Orchestra Of Broken Toys (Mux Blank with: Lon Martin, Maizy Stell, Majid Araim, and Maxwell Boecker)

The BPNF challenges all sound artists to go off-grid with how they see performances. Without being tethered to a municipal power source you can explore alternative forms of energy usage, experiment with sound sculpting from alternative sources, and develop spacial (sound and lighting) effects to enhance the overall performance.

When attending as an audience member you are encouraged to bring your own battery powered flashlights to light up the show and add to the lighting effects.

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