Black Light Theatre Company

Black Light Theatre Company

Black Light Theatre Company

Bad Wolf Rising
35 Mins ~ Theater, Performance Art, Comedy

“Bad Wolf Rising, this ain’t your granny’s fairy tale. This retelling shows how Mr. Big Bad became the scape-wolf for centuries. Presented by Black Light Theatre Company. (from Athens, GA.)”


Sat @ 6:30 – Mellow Mushroom (basement)


Puppy Play
50 Mins ~ Theater, Comedy

“Two young pups walk into a kennel, one is a guide dog wannabe, the other, a lone wolf with a chip on his shoulder. A surprisingly human puppy play for people in dog suits.”


Sat @ 8:00 – Mellow Mushroom (basement)

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Black Light Theatre Company
PERFORMERS: [BAD WOOLF RISING] Tom von Dohlen- the Wolf; [PUPPY PLAY] Tom von Dohlen- Jake, Riley Carlson- Razz, Hannah Martin- Sadie


[BAD WOOLF RISING] “Bad Wolf Rising is a personal account from the Wolf’s mouth of what really happens in the glorified realm of fairy tales and believe him, it isn’t all sugarplums and gum drop forests. In fact, it’s the exact opposite and yous people have had the wool pulled over your eyes for far too long. Now It’s time for the truth to be shoved down your throats for his benefit. Thanks to special coordination with the FCC (Fictional Character Coalition) and the British government you will get to experience the first hand testimony of one of history’s most well-known “bad boys”. You as an audience will be sworn to absolute secrecy and observe the events that unfold from behind the safety of a one-way mirror because from his history, he can obviously be a little bit cantankerous. Please join us for this special viewing of what it’s like to be pegged as the biggest of the baddest wolves.”

[PUPPY PLAY] “Puppy Play tells the story of two dogs who are put into a kennel and how the life of a dog is more stressful than one would think. Jake is a guide dog wannabe with grand delusions for the Golden Retriever Dream and Razz is a cold lone wolf who plays by his own drum in a world he thinks is out to get him. Filled with fun, excitement, and plenty of tale chasing it’s a surprisingly human puppy play for people in dog suits.”