“The 365 Project One Woman Show” by Bridgette Burton

Spoken Word / Poetry

There are a lot of things that you can do in 365 days. For this woman, she wrote a poem, every day. What started as an artistic exploration in her journals has become a book and now a one woman show.

Running time: 35 mins
Rating: Adults Only


  • Friday ~ 3:35pm ~ Terrapin Brewery
  • Friday ~ 9:30pm ~ Walker’s
  • Saturday ~ 11:20pm ~ Mellow Mushroom
  • Sunday ~ 8:15pm ~ Mellow Mushroom

FEATURING: Bridgette Burton
AUTHOR: Bridgette Burton
CREW: Jeffrey McNair – Sound, Christa Evans – Lights


The 365 Project started off as a book of poems by Bridgette Burton with commentary by five of her closet friends: Casey Bruce, Markel Davis, Alfred Heartley, Brittney Holmes Jackson, and Kelundra Smith. Published in 2014, the book explores the discovery of one’s identity throughout a year. After traveling to many cities and serving a speaker for different events, the team has gone back to the drawing board and explored the book through a theatrical platform.

Continue to journey with us through this one woman show where Bridgette brings to life poems from the book.

Bridgette is an author, director, poet and arts administrator. She has performed her poetry at different local events like the Hot Corner Festival and Athens Word of Mouth. She has also done slam poetry and was a finalist in the V-103 Got Word Youth Poetry Slam two years in a row.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChrNXPF7plJRKbZd1dL73Bg

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