“Clandestiny’s Sonic Journey Through Time and Space” by Matthew Jaidev Duplessie

Music, Sound Art

Clandestiny magically transports listeners thru atmospheric realms of ancient dreams immersing his audience with layers of world sounds, choirs of voices, didgeridoos, percussion, stringed instruments

Running time: 60 min
Rating: General Audiences
Cost: $5 at door (or All Access Pass)


  • Friday ~ 1:20pm ~ Terrapin Brewery
  • Friday ~ 10:30pm ~ Mellow Mushroom

FEATURING: Matthew Jaidev Duplessie
AUTHOR: Matthew Jaidev Duplessie


Travel through a transformational healing sound journey as sound healer Matthew Jaidev creates atmospheric soundscapes using Sacred Sound, the language of our Spirit. Using a loop pedal and his voice to create layers of atmospheric sound, Matthew supplements with healing sounds from all over the world such as didgeridoos, singing bowls, percussion, over-tone singing, stringed instruments and much more as listeners are magically transported beyond time and space to discover the realm of the Sacred in harmonics, frequency and vibration.

I have been writing and producing music for over 10 years, performing for just as long, and have been studying the healing modalities of sound for the past 3 years. I regularly offer sonic journey healing sound concerts in Savannah, Georgia. In 2013 I travelled to the Bosnian pyramids to learn more about the ultrasonic frequencies emanating from the Pyramid of the Sun in that region.


Website: http://www.audiosoulhealing.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/audiosoulhealing/      

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