Cynthia Rintye

Cynthia Rintye

Cynthia Rintye

Tales of the Macabre
30 Mins ~ Spoken Word/Poetry

“Cynthia Rintye’s Tales of the Macabre—Adults only. Enjoy a program of decidedly adult bawdy, bloody, and bone chilling stories and songs from spoken word artist Cynthia Rintye. (from Atlanta, GA.)”


Sat @ 7:00 – Pixel & Ink / Trio Gallery
Sun @ 4:00 – The World Famous

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Pale Brightness Production

FULL DESCRIPTION: “Cynthia Rintye has a powerful and captivating presence that delights storytelling audiences. Energetic and animated, her dramatic tales are filled with characters that are distinct both vocally and physically. When she opens her mouth to sing, it could be a high, beautiful melody or a low, raspy growl. Arguable the best teller of ghost stories in the Atlanta area, Cynthia has entertained audiences of the Lawrenceville Ghost Tours for 13 years with spine-tingling ghost stories and is delighted to bring her scary and sexy tales to Athens. The program includes a humorous murder ballad about a killer who has no regrets, an erotic tale about a son in love with his father’s new wife, and a story about a stream with decidedly malevolent effect on those who come to near. Storyteller, director, writer, and actress, Cynthia Rintye is also a tour guide, and former professional Segway rider and Queen of England. Since 2005, Cynthia’s storytelling has captivated audiences on the Lawrenceville Ghost Tours (which she also directs). A long time performer, Cynthia has appeared in plays, musicals, and murder mysteries in the Atlanta area, and was involved for 16 seasons with the Georgia Renaissance Festival where she was assistant entertainment director, scriptwriter, and portrayed the Queen. As a tour guide, she currently leads Atlanta BeltLine bus tours and previously led Segway tours. An Emory University grad, Cynthia is a resident of Atlanta. In 2016, Cynthia released her first spoken word album, Veil of Time: Ghost Stories from Atlanta.”

MORE INFO: “I have performed hundreds of hours of ghost stories through my 12 seasons of Lawrenceville Ghost Tours. Additionally, I have performed stories on the mainstage of the Aurora Theatre in 2016 and will again in October of 2017. Additionally, I have performed for numerous private groups.”