“You Don’t Own Me” by Darcy Wicked

Dance / Movement, Comedy, Burlesque

A strong woman taking care of herself shines through in my production of 1960’s era “You Don’t Own Me” Chafing under repressive rules, she rebels declaring,“I am different and You Can’t Change me!”

Running time: 4 mins
Rating: Adults Only
Cost: $5 at door (or All Access Pass)


  • Friday ~ 3:10pm ~ Terrapin Brewery
  • Friday ~ 6:05pm ~ Terrapin Brewery
  • Friday ~ 7:00pm ~ Terrapin Brewery
  • Friday ~ 9:00pm ~ Mellow Mushroom
  • Sunday ~ 5:45pm ~ World Famous

FEATURING: Darcy Wicked
AUTHOR: Original – Leslie Gore 1963 / Cover Version – Grace 2015
CREW: Sarah Stennett -assistant
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Thursday Green Productions


After nearly a lifetime of performing in plays, specializing in comedy, improv, and modern dance, I discovered Burlesque and fell in love at first sight. I’ve always been a little different from other people, going to great lengths to make people laugh, pass my joy of music and performing on to the audience. A practiced storyteller with a gift for words, I love when I have people in stitches over what to me are mundane activities from my day. It is this talent that I’ve come to be known for, my dedication to character development, so each piece tells a clear story. As the piece I will be performing shows how a ‘60s housewife chafes under the bonds of a patriarchal society and ends up declaring once and for all, You Don’t Own Me and You Can’t change me. I think I’m a fringy person and performer because I always push the boundaries, mixing genres and performing in/with almost 100% found objects or Goodwill cast-offs, that is if I don’t make them myself.

I have been performing, mostly plays, comedy and improv as well as dancing most of my life. I was part of an apprentice burlesque performing company before going out on my own. I’ve now been performing, mostly solo acts for the past two years. In addition to performing I have directed plays, created and choreographed acts for other dancers and also am in the middle of producing an advertising campaign for CARE, one of their programs: Homeless and Hungry among youth in America. SHHH….not supposed to be released yet. But I am producing the modeling shoot, meaning hiring the models, photographer and designing the sets as well as creating the ads and social media to propel the campaign. I was once interviewed for CNN online and had my picture on the front page of several newspapers including the NY Times back when I worked for GADNR.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXpxwHhKj0JoVRuanxysuDw
Blog: https://hideseekfindrepeat.wordpress.com

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