dok V

dok V

dok V

40 Mins ~ Music, Performance Art, Sound Art

“Dark ambient sci-fi horror theatre. (from Macon, GA.)”


Fri @ 7:00 – Flanagan’s (downstairs)
Fri @ 11:00 – Flanagan’s (downstairs)
Sat @ 10:45 – Fringe Pop-Up Theater


FULL DESCRIPTION: “dok V, on the run from interdimensional jackboots, is free from the confines of his 1 dimension prison but is still stranded in ours. licking wounds from a recent attack, he floats through the bloodstreams of our universe in search of a place to gather time and resources, but as the cloud of bloodlust begins to lift from his vision he begins to question just why he needs to get back to the home he knew and tried to destroy.”

MORE INFO: “dok V has been a project of much time and energy of the past 5 years, much of it recording in darkness, putting it online to just do it. began performing in 2014, having now done multiple performances in macon, athens, and atlanta, recently in ATL Anti-Fest. released an album, Damage Control, on Clandestine Ritual Records in December 2016.