End The Sun

End The Sun

End The Sun

End The Sun
Rhythm of Defeat
25 Mins ~ Music

“One man doom metal performance. (from Augusta, GA.)”


Fri @ 11:00 – Flanagan’s (downstairs)
Sat @ 10:45 – Fringe Pop-Up Theater

PERFORMERS: Austin Arthur

FULL DESCRIPTION: “End The Sun is a one man group performing a live adaptation of its experimental black/doom metal album “Rhythm of Defeat” by means of atmospheric guitar loops and haunting vocals. The atmosphere is offput by dramatic and melodic guitar solos invoking feelings of anger, depression, and that of the occult. Listeners fond of groups such as Sunn O))), Bell Witch, and even Buckethead may enjoy the performance.”

MORE INFO: “I released End The Sun Rhythm of Defeat in July 2016 and immediately received a couple hundred album downloads, many CD purchases, a cassette tape release by Witchcult Records, and a great review that can be found here http://www.toiletovhell.com/mini-reviews-from-around-the-bowl-07282016/ Work has begun on a second album with a greater focus on experimentation and intention to be released by Witchcult Records.”