Francine Fringe “The Fringe Fest Zombie”

Performance Art, Sideshow, Comedy, Improv

Francine Fringe is sort of our interactive wandering promotional mascot street theater performance. Her and her “inter-dimensional pose” will be making appearances through out town leading up to and during the festival itself. Your mission is to FIND our lost zombie, FIND her missing parts, and CAPTURE a selfie with Francine Fringe aka Francine the Fringe Fest Zombie!!! See “Fringe Game Rules” below for instructions on how to play.

Running time: All month leading up to the CCFF 2016
Rating: General Audiences


  • Monday Oct 24 ~ 6pm-? ~ UGA Arches

AUTHOR: Lisa Linares aka Francine Fringe
FEATURES: Doc Slasher, Mushreema Supreema, Metalica Von Brass, TVHeadGuy, and more.


Francine Fringe has to be one of the most interesting being to ever drift through the inter-dimensional matrix. Once a renaissance woman of both sciences and arts, she developed an ingenious form of warp drive using only: “a potato, a candle, Preparation H and some Jerkins”, or so she says. She traveled from one dimension to another, spreading her wisdom and knowledge along with unity. Sadly she had gone to dimensions unknown and has been infected by some alien fungi spores that caused her to slowly decompose and go into a coma. Yet there still is hope, as we all teamed up and found a treatment that brought her out of her coma. All was going well until she just wandered off. We are desperately searching for her or any signs of her so we can try to bring her back to her original self and she can unite us all through art and science.

And while you’re at it, be on the look-out for Francine’s “Inter-Dimensional Posse” characters as well:

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(Here are all the places around town that we have gotten reports of zombie sightings…)

  • Brumby Hall
  • Russel Hall
  • Rook & Pawn
  • Roaming down Clayton St
  • Zombie Donuts
  • Next Appearance: Follow Francine Fringe’s FB page for more!



– Follow Francine Fringe on her Facebook page
– See Francine Fringe aka The Fringe Zombie at one of her appearances (see Francine’s FB page for upcoming appearances through out the month)
– Take a selfie with, or picture of, Francine Fringe
– Post the pic as your profile picture on FB, and tag Francine in the picture


Follow Franicine Fringe’s FB page for regular posts of CLUES!!! These clues may be riddles, videos, pics, or puzzles. There are “lost fingers” from Francine Fringe all over town! If you can find them and bring them to her (bring them to the CCFF main ticket booth to collect prizes), she will reward you handsomely. Find up to one finger of each color (nail polish color), there are 5 colors in all. The nail polish colors are: Blue, Black, Red, Green, and Gold. NOTE: You only need to find one of each color to win the major prize. Single fingers can be turned in for smaller prize packages. Do not bring more than one of each color. Each person only needs to collect a maximum of five fingers to win the 1st Prize. We are not hiding the fingers in dangerous to reach locations (use common sense when locating fingers), most finger locations are out in the open.

PRIZES: (1st) ALL ACCESS PASS to the CCFF 2016, (2nd) SINGLE DAY PASS to the CCFF 2016, (3rd) CCFF Prize pack with Bumper Stickers, Buttons, and more… Prizes are limited, first come first serve.


Be the 1st of 15 people to bring the following items to Francine Fringe (bring items to the CCFF main ticket booth) and you could WIN a piece of art created by Francine herself

ITEMS (bring at least one of each item):

    • small bag of potatoes
    • candles
    • box of Preparation H
    • bottle of Jergins.

NOTE: All items will be donated to a local foodbank/soupkitchen which serves the local homeless population of Athens.


Be the 1st of 15 people to bring the following items to Doc (bring items to the CCFF main ticket booth) and you can WIN a piece of art from the Doc himself!

ITEMS (bring at least one of each item):

  • triple antibiotic ointment
  • alcohol wipes
  • paper towels
  • gauze

NOTE: All items collected will be donated to the Mercy Clinic to help them serve the needy.




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