Johnson & Browder Productions

Johnson & Browder Productions

Johnson & Browder Productions

“What The Woolf Wore”
70 Mins ~ Theater

“In this workshop of a new play by Abraham Johnson, we spend a tense Halloween night with 4 lesbians and a mountain of closeted skeletons. (from Rome, GA.)”


Sat @ 8:00 – 120 Kendene St, Athens
Sun @ 8:00 – 120 Kendene St, Athens

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PRODUCTION COMPANY: Johnson & Browder Productions

FULL DESCRIPTION: “What happens when Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Dorothy Parker, Virginia Woolf, and “Guacamole Girl” are trapped in a room together? In this workshop of a new play, we spend a tense Halloween with 4 lesbians and a whole lot of relationship issues. Directed by Jessica Browder and written by Abraham Johnson, the focus of this production will be future development of the script. Stick around afterwards for a talkback to discuss what worked, what didn’t work, and what you’d like to see more of.”

MORE INFO: “Abraham Johnson and Jessica Browder have collaborated on several previous productions– a staged reading and eventual workshop of “Sunshine Town”, and the 2017 CURO/APW New Play Festival have been the two biggest collaborations. Jessica has directed or assistant directed other crowd-favorites around Athens like Danai Gurira’s “Eclipsed”, Tim Slover’s “Virtue”, and in 2018 she’ll be directing Rajiv Joseph’s “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo” with the Thalian Blackfriars, of which she is Artistic Director. Abraham’s plays have been developed around and outside Atlanta by the Horizon, Out of Box, Lionheart, and Essential Theatres. He is a member of the Athens Playwrights Workshop, the Working Title Playwrights in Atlanta, and he was a fellow at the 2017 LGBTQ Emerging Voices Retreat in Los Angeles with the Lambda Literary group. He thinks Jessica is a phenomenal director and they love each other very much.”