JOKER JOKER Gallery Showcase

JOKER JOKER Gallery Showcase

feat. Raeppen, j*sutton, Mr Blank, Smoggo, and more…
3hr ~ Experimental, Performance Art

“Select Experimental Sound Art and Performance curated by Mux Blank


Friday Oct 19
10:00 ~ ? @ JOKER JOKER Gallery
(145 Vine Street, Athens)









FULL DESCRIPTION: The evening will feature select Experimental Sound Art and Performance curated by Mux Blank. There will also be art in the gallery from: Bradley Staples, and Mr Blank Toys. DO YOU KNOW THE PASSWORD?!?!? If you were a donor for the “CCFF Kickstarter FUNdraiser” then check the updates (click here) for the Password to get into the show for FREE!!! Otherwise you must have an All Access Pass or $5 to enter.

INFO: Sami influenced Shamanic drones using voice and percussion. This mixed with modern music technology to create hypnotic soundscapes… Ræppen, is the work of a Nomadic travelling Shaman who travels the planet playing ritualistic drones. Not much is known of the Shaman but when the ritual is performed the Shaman will use hypnotic rhythms to develop a trance like state to be at one with the spirit world. Spoken word set I tell tales from the road from my life as a touring musician from the last 12 years.

PERFORMERS: j*sutton
INFO: People often confuse the notion of ambient music with New Age music – Jonathan Sutton’s work provides a quite distinct dividing line. He makes music that is not flighty in concept but intentionally lacking markers and structures to which are accustomed. His sonic aesthetic leans towards that of a density and gravitas without the typical assumed pomp and circumstance.

INFO: Brutal noise to dance to! Smoggo’s performance entitled “Physics of Bass” promises to use low end frequencies and paint to destroy images of cultural constructs. The extreme tangible material of sound is harnessed in the performance to upend notions of objectivity and objectification.

INFO: Mr Blank performances are a unique and visceral blend of experimental sound sculpture and abstract theater performance art. Productions utilize a plethora of nontraditional props and reality bending sound sources including: Character costumes and masks, disheveled stacks of TVs playing strobing images and glitchy video projections, homemade and circuit bent instruments, noise making toys, abstract set designs, and other found materials… plus at times even incorporating live needle piercing, electro-shock, and other elements reminiscent of mystical Fakir torture arts. Mr Blank’s performances, although ever changing and evolving, are a visual abstract storytelling. Invoking scenes of a lonely and toxic post-apocalyptic world where there lives an unhinged man (or is he monster?) bending reality and opening portals to multitudes of unknowns where dreams awaken as reality…