“From Burning” by Mariah Manoylov


People are forests, people are fires. How does the 1988 Forest Fire of Yellowstone, one of the biggest natural fires in the world, relate to four people stranded in Yellowstone while it burned?

Running time: 120 mins
Rating: Adults Only
Cost: $5 at door (or All Access Pass)


  • Thursday ~ 6pm ~ Warnell School Of Forrestry (Room 2-100)

FEATURING: John Buisman (Steven), Savanah Hudson (Vanessa), Israel Tordoya (Ezekiel), Hannah Wynelle (Marly), Maggie Clark (Narrator)
AUTHOR: Mariah Manoylov
DIRECTOR: Ellen Everitt
Carter Iddings


The Narrator gives an ecology lecture, but to make things more interesting they use Marly, Vanessa, Steven, and Ezekiel to portray the ecological concept of succession, or how an ecosystem gains complexity. We see a forest grow between these four people. Their relationship deepens, secrets come out. Things get too deep. Just like in Yellowstone, a devastation occurs, but just like with forests, regrowth is possible after destruction.

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