Moonlight Gypsy Market

Fringe Artist Market

This year Athens own annual dark/outsider/weirdo arts and crafts festival has joined forces with the Classic City Fringe Festival 2016 to bring you the new version of this well known “FRINGE” artist marketplace!!

Running time: Sundown to Midnight
Rating: General Audiences


  • Friday ~ 1pm-7pm ~ Terrapin Brewery
  • Saturday ~ 7pm-12am ~ Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother

FEATURED VENDORS: AIDS Athens, Van Beville, Wild Woman Toolshed, Aethelynds Attic, Under The Slab, Sam G, Anni Paisley Intuitive Tarot, Make Nice Design Co, Bernice London, Grave Robbers Union, Betwixt Steampunk, TieDyeSteve.com, The Bone Ranch, Darcy Wicked & Lavender Blue, Authors of “The Lovecraft Generation”, Alexis Spina & Dianne Watts, Freeman & Fugate Oddities Co., Gypsy VanDweller, Of Elsewhere, EnRapturing Entertainment, Cha Metals, and more…

This year Athens own annual dark/outsider/weirdo arts and crafts festival has joined forces with the Classic City Fringe Festival 2016 to bring you the new version of this well known “FRINGE” artist marketplace!! This year we will be setting up in the parking lot of the new Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother location at the old bus station. Now the same atmosphere you came to expect, that aura of the unusual and unexpected, the strange and unknown… it will all be there, but now there’s more…

MindImages / Van Beville (MGM + TFM)
“Artistically rendered photography.” [price range: $20-200]

Wild Woman Toolshed (MGM + TFM)
“What’s in this Wild Woman’s Toolshed, come out to the market to find out…

Aethelynd’s Attic (MGM)
“Polymer clay sculptures, treasure boxes, embellished wine glasses, etc with a touch of whimsy and magic.” [price range: $10-80]
aethelyndsattic001 aethelyndsattic002 aethelyndsattic003

Under the Slab (MGM + TFM)
“Hand cut stone macabre jewelry, such as fossilized bone coffins and even stone horn hair clips.” [price range: $10-25]

Anni Paisley intuitive tarot (MGM + TFM)
“Tarot readings and Oracle card readings” [price range: $15-20/reading]

Make Nice Design Co (TFM)
“I sell my original art prints and stationary. I will also have hand painted rocks and other fun items, as well. I draw inspiration from everywhere! You will see food, food with faces, animals, animals that have been merged together, fantasy, skulls, skeletons, Halloween favorites, and much more! More can be seen on Instagram @makenicedesignco” [price range: $10-100]

Bernice London (MGM + TFM)
“Upcycled and handcrafted leather accessories… all items are one of a kind and are all hand stitched. Quality and function are standard while varying textures from raw imperfections in the leather, bold or earthy color palettes, various stitching techniques and the occasional ink illustrations give each piece its individuality.” [price range: $10-300]

Grave Robbers Union (MGM)
“Hand printed linoleum prints, vintage items altered with synthetic crystals, and antique medical equipment.” [price range: $20-200]

TieDyeSteve.Com (MGM + TFM)
“I’ve been travelling all over the US, making and selling my
T-shirts and Tapestries, for over a quarter century now. To visit me on Facebook, and see my Happy Customers Album, and pictures of all of the crazy shirts that I’ve done in the past, do a ‘Facebook Search’ for TieDyeSteve.Com~ To call me, dial 707-822-2583″ [price range: $30-150]

Authors of “The Lovecraft Generation” (MGM)
“Books. We’re releasing a collection of H.P. Lovecraft inspired short stories this month and would love to officially unveil it at the Moonlight Gypsy Market. In addition to the collection we’ll also have other dark fantasy books written by us as well as prints of our book cover (Lovecraft’s portrait in spooky fashion) made by our co-author AR White.” [price range: $5-20]

A Go Fund Me Project / Lavender Blue’s Unique Art (MGM + TFM)
“Lavender Blue will be selling her unique art including paintings, drawings, reclaimed items turned into art, etc, She is raising money for an international dance competition. For My Go Fund me Project, I will be selling T-shirts donated by Duncan Carson of Ban-Ts (http://bant-shirts.com/) – on the site they are sold for $20+ and are all printed to order. He donated these shirts for me to sell to help cover my chemo, medical bills and finding a place to live. They range from the political and eco-consious to the downright funny.” [price range: $3-20]

AIDS Athens (TFM)
“Cookbooks and art” [price range: $5-20]

The Bone Ranch (MGM + TFM)
“Self taught artist that uses a mixture of imagination & a little magic to bring his creations to life. Using elements he calls “the folk art of the Divine Intelligence” skulls, bones, sticks and other earthy items are reclaimed and fashioned into unconventional exhibits and three dimensional sculptures. 3D mixed media using professionally cleaned, esthetically acquired animal bones and skulls along with natural elements.” [price range: $5-300]

Alexis Spina & Dianne Watts (MGM + TFM)
Alexis Spina: “Being a Pittsburgh native, my work is strongly influenced by industrial architecture, focusing primarily on buildings that have been left behind. Sourcing my materials from local (Athens and surrounding areas) abandoned structures and vintage jewelry, the construction of my jewelry is dictated by what materials I collects. I strive for my jewelry to act as a facilitator in promoting conversation about the reuse of materials and to show how the hand can alter value within a material.” [price range: $20-200]
alexisspina001 alexisspina002 alexisspina003

Dianne Watts: “Jewelry and ceramic pieces (small bowls, mugs, etc.) [price range: $10-$75]

Freeman and Fugate Oddities Co. (MGM)
“We specialize in the odd, macabre, and amazing. Our inventory includes antique spirit boards, skulls of all kinds, circus sideshow memorabilia, wet specimens, Victorian post mortem items including photos and hair art, and anything that shocks and amazes.” [price range: $5-500]

Betwixt Steampunk (MGM)
“Multimedia, skull, steampunk, kitch” [price range: $0.50-300]

…and more TBA soon!

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