The Margins

The Margins

The Margins

50 Mins ~ Theater, Puppetry, Improv

“Improv comedy — we make it up, and make it funny. (from Athens, GA.)”


Fri @ 7:00 – Fringe Pop-Up Theater

PERFORMERS: Ruth Harman, Misha Cahnmann-Taylor, Jerry Gale, Jonathan Haddad, Ed Sperr

FULL DESCRIPTION: “The Margins are a group of faculty who use improvisational theater to explore individual and collective creativity, relationship building and occupying a sense of place. More importantly, they will make you laugh.”

MORE INFO: “The Margins have been working together in one form or another for nearly 25 years, and several members have improv experience with other troupes. Members of the troupe were instrumental in producing Athens Improvstock in the mid-nineties, and have performed publicly many times since.”