U.S. Nero

U.S. Nero

U.S. Nero

40 Mins ~ Music

“Three piece punk/postpunk band singing angst deconstruction over bepop-inspired, chaotic surf riffs. (from New Orleans, LA.)”


Fri @ 11:00 – Flanagan’s (downstairs)
Sat @ 10:45 – Fringe Pop-Up Theater
Sun @ 6:00 – JOKER JOKER Gallery

PERFORMERS: Michael Kunz — guitar vocals, Joe Shedlo — bass, Jaciel Beltre — drums

FULL DESCRIPTION: “U.S. Nero combines the snot-nosed hysterics of John Lydon, Mark E. Smith, The Dead Kennedys, and The Germs with the adventurous spirit of the bepop movement. Songs like “Plumbers, All of Them” and “Hypebeasts” take more twists and turns in just under 3 minutes than many bands do in a half hour set. Singer / Songwriter Michael Kunz (aka Sid Viscous, Gene Milder, Meschiya Law…) rants against authority figures, friends, and god knows what else he’s always on about over a musical pastiche that incorporates Latin jazz, Eastern drones, and the occasional Herbie Hancock / Curtis Mayfield funky blues vibe, but still firmly rooted in surf/garage punk. Michael Kunz has performed in New Orleans Fringe Festival twice before, once as the lead role in A Nudist’s Wedding and once in a supporting role in Game of Microphones.”

MORE INFO: “We recently played New Orleans’ Creepy Fest, a festival for local punk, metal, and horror films, with some of the best punk bands in the city including Dummy Dumpster, Trampoline Team, and Tomb of Nick Cage. Tomb of Nick Cage’s Miss Mooney loves our indie label where we self-release our music and other local band’s music, Dry Birth Records. Rob Cambre, a local experimental musician who organizes a weekly noise show at All Ways Lounge, is a fan of our music after seeing us play at Parasite Skate Park on July 4. Tasche de la Roche, who’s review in Offbeat earlier this year caused a huge uproar, is a fan. She plays with us and says the songwriting is great and inspires her. Our latest full release received positive review on the online zine PunkOnline: http://punkonline.co.uk/u-s-nero-free-thinker-review/. We are not based out of Athens or even Georgia. We are based out of New Orleans, LA.”