What Is Fringe?

Welcome, one and all, to the second annual Classic http://sportzonabrasil.com.br/futebol-bets City Fringe Festival!!! If this is your first time hearing about the Fringe Festival then you may be wondering: “What is Fringe?”

Simply put, a Fringe Festival is a live performance art festival meant to provide exposure to artists working independently and outside traditional forms and structures. The first Fringe Festivals were held in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1940s after several independent and experimental theater companies were denied access to the city’s thriving annual drama festival. Outraged but undeterred, the companies began their own alternative festival, held in pitched tents and storefronts on the outskirts of town, the fringe. Word of these performances spread until the alternative festival proved popular enough to become an annual event of its own. The idea spread to different cities around the globe and has nurtured generations of fringe artists in Europe and Canada. Recently the Fringe Festival movement has been gaining momentum in the United States as a showcase for artists http://www.sportzonabrasil.com.br/futebol-bets and performers with something new and different to showcase.

The goal of The Classic City Fringe Festival is to live up to that tradition, to gather and unify the fringe artists of Athens as a community to realize their own dreams and ideas and showcase them for the entertainment and edification of the people of the Classic City. We want Athens to join us in encouraging and enjoying our local artists and all that they can do. Our town is already renowned for its thriving arts and music scene. Now we have the opportunity to expand on that renown and open minds with new ideas.

The Classic City Fringe Festival is an event spanning several days and several venues throughout downtown celebrating the amazing variety of fringe artists and performers who call Athens home. They will https://www.sportzonabrasil.com.br/futebol-bets inspire, challenge, shock, titillate, and of course entertain with a collection of performances and visuals unlike anything else the public will see the rest of the year.


Who Is Fringe?

The Classic City Fringe Festival encompasses a wide range of performers and groups from the avant-garde to the family friendly. All performance styles including: theater, dance/movement, music, video/film, performance art, poetry, puppetry, comedy, improv, art installations, circus and cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville, and any other sort of performance-based art has a chance at gaining greater exposure to larger audiences with the CCFF. Are you a “fringe” performers? Would you like to apply to perform at this year’s event? Then go to our “Performers” page, alternatively if you are ready to apply go straight to the 2016 Performer Application.